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Getting The Gear

Magisso Cutting Board

I finally caved.  If you look through my previous posts on the Home Style Healthy home page, you'll find that I've been using thin plastic cutting boards for quite some time.  The more I cook, the more I find them lacking.  They tend to slide around the counter while I'm chopping and I can only imagine what stays lodged in all those crevices left by cutting.  I wanted more.  I wanted a nice, hefty, butcher block style cutting board that I could rely on to be an asset when I'm in the kitchen.  I surfed around on Uncommon Goods, one of my favorite websites, and saw this beauty.  It's bamboo, which I like, and a quick read of the description sold me on the idea.  I contacted them and they sent me one to try out and review.  The box came quickly and I ripped it open like a kid on Christmas morning.  I love cooking gadgets and this does not disappoint.  The first thing I noted is the weight.  It feels nice and solid.  Not too heavy, not too light.  I set it down on the counter and it just fit right in.  Our counters are curved but that did not affect how it held its place.

I figured I'd start with the basics.  Onions and garlic.  Two staples in our recipes most evenings.  I asked my husband to chop so I could photograph.  Plus, I wanted to get feedback from someone who is a self proclaimed beginner in the kitchen.  First up, the onion.

The box and website both tout how helpful the groove is for making chopping simple.  On the onion, however, my husband felt it was more difficult than it needed to be using the groove.  He tried once or twice and then just resorted to free handed chopping.  He liked the feel of the knife on the board though, better than what we are both used to using.  The groove quickly redeemed itself by showing us how the other use in the description (helping to guide chopped things into the pan) was quite clever.

Not a single morsel went anywhere but the pan.  I'm usually chasing at least one or two things around the kitchen counter or floor.  Nicely done.

Moving on to the garlic.  My husband tried the groove one more time and liked it with the garlic.  It seems that smaller items like celery, carrots, and garlic are easier to slice using the groove to move things along.
All in all the board was everything it promised to be in the description and more.  It is a nice, solid piece that will make a nice addition to any kitchen.  Great size too.  It's priced right and it's nice to see a renewable resource like bamboo being used to make life a little easier and don't we all want that?

You can order it by clicking here: Bamboo cutting board.

While you're there, look around.  You'll be impressed with how many things on the site are upcycled, recycled and just plain clever.

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